Audition Notice for “Young Frankenstein the Musical” : 

Monday July 25 @ 7:30pm
Tuesday July 26 @ 7:30pm
Callbacks will be the same week.

We are proud to announce auditions for the musical “Young Frankenstein,” written by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan, with music and lyrics by Mel Brooks.

A wickedly inspired re-imagining of the Frankenstein legend based on Mel Brooks’ classic 1974 comedy film masterpiece, the story follows bright young Dr. Frankenstein as he attempts to complete his grandfather’s masterwork and bring a corpse to life. This musical comedy hit is not without scary and hilarious complications. Tthe show includes such memorable tunes as “The Transylvania Mania,” “He Vas My Boyfriend” and the famous “Puttin’ On The Ritz.”

“Young Frankenstein” utilizes an ensemble cast of characters ranging in age from early-20s through mid-50s+. All Roles are open and available and all actors are encouraged to audition.
Ensemble will include character actors of varying ages plus a core group of dancer/singers - tap experience preferred.

Performs Weekends - October 14, 2016 - November 13, 2016
Fridays @ 8pm
Saturdays @ 8pm
Sundays @ 3pm

Director: Frank L. Danko
Musical Director: Gina Salvia
Asst. Director/Musical Staging: Eliana K Lichtman
Additional Choreography By: Kristina King & Michael Verre



JULY 26th - 7:30pm - CAP SYOSSET

Rehearsals begin in August.

Please prepare: Two short jokes + 16-32 bars (serious/comedy, ballad/patter); highlights your vocal range. You may be asked to sing a second song. Bring written music (in your key) for accompanist, as well as resume and headshot if available. A cappella is discouraged.

Callback time, date and location will be announced at initial auditions. Callbacks will consist of cold readings from the script, dance routine to be taught, music from the show.

Please make audition appointment or sign up the day of auditions:

Character Descriptions

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein – Male, age 20s-40s. Brilliant brain surgeon, professor and grandson of mad scientist Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein. Vocal range: Bb one octave below middle C to G above middle C.

The Monster – Male, age indeterminate. Played by a bigger man – the bigger the better. 6'0" MINIMUM - The misunderstood creation of Dr. Frankenstein. Vocal range: Ab one octave below middle C to F above middle C. Also must be able to emit howling/monster/grunting sounds. Knowledge of tap dancing a plus.

Igor – Male, age 20s-40s. Frederick’s faithful, bright-eyed, eager servant and friend–with a hunchback. Vocal range: D below middle C to F above middle C.

Inga – Female, age 20s. Frederick’s bubbly, not-so-bright young assistant. Sexy, attractive. A resident of Transylvania. Vocal range: G# below middle C to A above the treble staff. Yodeling is a plus.

Elizabeth Benning – Female, age 20s-40s. Self-loving, “madcap”, boisterous fiancé of Frederick. Vocal range: F# below middle C to F#, top line of the treble staff.

Frau Blücher – Female, age late 30s- late 50s. Intense, stern housekeeper of Frankenstein estate. Former lover of Victor Frankenstein. Vocal range: F## (G natural) below middle C to B, third line treble staff.

Inspector Hans Kemp – Male, age 30-50s. Head of the police in Transylvania, with a wooden arm and leg. Justice-driven. A one octave below middle C to F above middle C. 

Blnd Hermit – Lonely, poor, blind town hermit longing for a friend. Vocal range: Bb one octave below middle C to Db just above middle C.

Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein – Male, age 40s-60s. Frederick’s infamous grandfather. Vocal range: C# below middle C to G# above middle C.

Ziggy – Male, age 20s-30s. Well-intentioned village idiot. Vocal range: F below middle C to F above middle C. 

Ensemble Cast, 20s-30s - TRIPLE THREAT - strong vocal ability dance/movement training - Tap Dancing is a PLUS++++. 

Ensemble Character Cast 30s-60s Men and Women - This group will portray gravediggers, villagers, passengers, mad scientists and various supporting roles. A TON OF STAGE TIME