Meet Steffy, who plays Carla in In The Heights!

What are some of your favorite roles you've played?

“I never get tired of Hairspray. I've even been Lil Inez 4 times in 1 year. Carla and Vanessa from In the Heights will always be a favorite for me also.”

What theatre/acting/dance/etc. training do you have?

“I've been a member of Valley Stream's summer drama program and performing arts program from 8-12th grade. I have a bachelor's degree in Music/Vocal Performance from Adelphi University (Class of ’13)"

What does the role mean to you?

“I see Carla as always being the optimistic one (if not a bit ditzy). With all the drama and gossip around the neighborhood, coming to the salon is supposed to be a form of stress relief. I always love playing roles where I can be free and have fun with the character and Carla is practically the epitome of fun and happiness.”

“This show will always have a special place in my heart. I was fortunate enough to see it 3 times (twice on Broadway and the special 5th anniversary reunion concert) and this will be my 3rd time being in it.  I still haven't had enough and don't think I ever will. I pretty much lived Nina's storyline. This show came out at a time where I was a full time college student with a lot of financial issues and I didn't even know if I could afford to stay in school even though I had a full time job on the side. Thankfully I made it but it was definitely a struggle. Home is a central theme of this show and no place but the theatre really feels like home to me. Just being on stage surrounded by people who share the same love for music and dance as I do makes me happy.”

          Come see Steffy and the rest of the talented cast of In The Heights- running July 8th through July 31st. Tickets are available for every performance starting at $20 if purchased before Friday performances, or $25 if purchased at the door. Box office opens one hour prior to every performance. Call (516)-694-3330 or visit our website for additional information.