The Cultural Arts Playhouse is holding auditions for "Next To Normal.” Directed by Tony Frangipane and Musical Direction by Rich Giordano. The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning "Next To Normal" is an emotional powerhouse of a musical about a family trying to care for each other and survive with their spirit intact, while dealing with the pain that cripples their family at its core. The story concerns a mother, Diana, a suburban housewife who struggles with a worsening bipolar disorder. This, coupled with hallucinations that stem from a trauma sixteen years earlier, and the intense rounds of psychotherapy she must undergo, affects her compassionate but frustrated husband, Dan and their alienated daughter Natalie, both of whom suffer by comparison to the superhero image she has created for her son Gabe."Next To Normal" vividly dramatizes the lengths two parents will go to keep themselves “sane" and their family intact. Auditions will take place at the Cultural Arts Playhouse located at 170 Michael Dr in Syosset on September 10th and September 12th at 7:30. Please prepare a song in the style of the show. You may sing from the show.

All Roles Available
A sexy and sharp housewife, who is manic-depressive and delusional. She suffers from a worsening bipolar disorder that has been medicated for sixteen years. Seeking a strong singer/actress who capture the audience’s empathy, and can cover the full emotional range that this role requires, including a crucial and deadly sense of humor. Vocal Range (belt/mix to an E).
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Diana’s husband and the father to Gabe and Natalie. An architect, he is handsome and genuine, and perpetually frustrated. He provides a non-ending support for his family as he fights to keep his wife’s mind and illness stable. A belabored, dedicated father, also with a wicked sense of absurdist humor. Vocal range (high baritone/tenor to A).
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Diana and Dan’s son, he is dashing, gentle, bright, and playful. He can be both an angel and a demon to his mother, who idolizes him as a superhero. Vocal Range (rock tenor to a B with a falsetto & comfortable mix).
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Diana and Dan’s daughter. Compelling, attractive in her own unique way, bright, contentious, and trying to be perfect. She is also a classically trained pianist who takes refuge in the practice room. Vocal range (belt/mix to an E).
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

jazz musician, romantic, stoner, slacker, philosopher king. A classmate of Natalie and eventually her boyfriend, he supports her during one of the roughest times in her life. Vocal range (high baritone/tenor to an A).
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Dr Madden/Dr Fine
Diana’s doctor. He is assured, charismatic, a rock star of psychiatry, on the young side of ageless. Vocal range (high baritone/tenor to A with a rock sound).
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
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Auditions for The Nutcracker

The Cultural Arts Playhouse is seeking male and female dancers ages 6 and up to audition for The Nutcracker.
Some dance training is preferred for children 12 and under.
Dance training required for other roles. All roles open.
Seeking Adults for non dancing and speaking/singing roles. Please wear dance attire at auditions. Children roles will be at least double cast so they will not be required to be in every show. For more information please email

The Cultural Arts Playhouse is located at
170 Michael Drive
Syosset, NY 11791

September 29th
11-12pm (5-7 year olds)
12-1pm (8-10 year olds)
1-2pm (11-13 year olds)
2-3pm (13 and up)*
3pm Adults Speaking and non dancing roles

October 13th
3-4pm Adult Speaking and Non-Dance roles
4-5pm (5-10 year olds)
5-6pm (10 and up)

Performance Dates
Sat 12/15 at 7:00pm
Sun 12/16 at 3:00pm
Fri 12/21 at 7:00pm
Sat 12/22 at 4:00pm
Sat 12/22 at 7:00pm
Sun 12/23 at 3:00pm
Thu 12/27 at 2:00pm
Fri 12/28 at 7:00pm
Sat 12/29 at 4:00pm
Sat 12/29 at 7:00pm
Sun 12/30 at 3:00pm

* If you dance on pointe please bring your shoes


The Cultural Arts Playhouse is holding auditions for the musical Annie on October 8th and October 9th starting at 6pm

Annie Mainstage- Mainstage- Orphans, October 8th at 6pm and October 9th at 6pm

Adult auditions  start at 7pm

all roles open


Annie-Orphan girl, looking for her parents.Pre-teen, girlStrong vocal (Belt), dancing and acting

Miss Hannigan-Orphanage matron. Hates children.Adult (any age), femaleStrong vocal and acting

Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks-Billionaire businessman, who opens his home and heart to AnnieOlder adult, MaleStrong vocal (Baritone), dancing and acting

Grace-Warbucks’ secretaty, who loves AnnieYoung adult, femaleStrong vocal and acting

“Rooster” Hannigan-Miss Hannigan’s disreputable brotherYoung adult, maleStrong vocal, dancing and acting

Lily St. Regis-Rooster’s girlfriendYoung adult, femaleStrong vocal, dancing and acting

Molly, Pepper, Duffy, July, Tessie, Kate-Orphans with speaking parts6 – Pre-teen, girlsStrong vocal, dancing and acting

President Roosevelt-Aids in the search for Annie’s parentsOlder adult, maleSome vocal, strong acting

Louis Brandeis-Supreme Court Justice, who aids in Annie’s adoptionOlder adult, maleSpeaking part

Bert Healy-Radio announcer, who agrees to broadcast an appeal to Annie’s parentsAdult (any age), maleStrong vocal

The Boylan Sisters-Trio that sings on the radio3 – Older teen or young adult, femalesStrong vocal (harmonies)

Lt. Ward-A policeman sent to find AnnieAdult (any age), maleSpeaking part

Drake-Warbuck’s butler and good friendOlder adult, maleSome vocal, strong acting


Warbuck’s Mansion staff-Maids, cooks, servants, etc.Older teens and any adultsVocal and dancing

Roosevelt’s Cabinet-Cabinet SecretariesAdult (any age), males & 1 femaleSome vocal

Citizens of NYCAll -types to include “Hooverville” citizens



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